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Home Run Office Products handles the services of clients throughout the Greater Delaware Valley and beyond. From general office supplies to full service layout and design for office furniture, as well as printing and promotional products, we can meet the needs of any business in one simple stop.

Our 3 core goals, the Triple Crown:

1)  Save our customers money. As part of $16 Billion buying group, we can compete with the likes of Staples, WB Mason and others. And without spending hundreds of millions on advertising and marketing, like our competitors do, we can pass that savings on to you. NO big warehouses. NO big retail stores. NO big advertising budgets = Lower prices to the customer!

2)   Live locally, spend locally, buy locally. We are based in the PA/NJ market. We live here too. We vacation at the Jersey shore and the PA Poconos, so we spend our profits right here in our own community. And we use the services of our local businesses too. Our two biggest competitors are headquartered just outside Boston, MA their profits go to that community, not ours. All things being equal, wouldn’t you rather spend locally too?

3)  Networking and referrals. When is the last time your current vendor gave you a referral? While we can’t guarantee them, we are active in networking with other businesses throughout the Greater Delaware Valley, we know the value of referring our customers and earning referrals from them. We are involved in running several networking events per year, and invite our customers to attend. In addition, we post links to our customers sites from our own site, to help increase business, build google search traffic and increase ratings. It’s a win-win for all.

IN SHORT, if you could save money, deal locally, and potentially get referrals for new business, is there any reason you wouldn’t consider using Home Run Office Products?


Todd Hesbacher started in a family stationery business way back in 1980 as a young high school student. After leaving the family business in 1986 he became manager of NorthEast Office Supplies, 4 years later he purchased the business in 1990 at just 23 years old. After growing the company, purchasing the inventory of numerous other office products companies , Todd also added locations in Ocean City, NJ (1993), Mt. Laurel (1995) Bridgeton (1997) and Mt. Holly (2000).

As with the banking industry, consolidation was rampant in the office products industry as well. With over 16,000 independent stationery companies in 1986 with the start of Office Depot & Staples, by 2010 there were barely 3,000 left. And in 2004 Todd received one of those offers he just couldn’t refuse, which included bringing along many of his employees, and merged his business into Impact Office Products. After 6 years under Impact it was time to move on. And after waiting out a Non-Compete Clause, Todd was ready to start out on his own again, ready to bring well over 30 years experience back to being the owner of his own office products business. But what to call it?

While waiting for his non-compete to run its course, Todd focused on his love of baseball and began organizing bus trips and group events to Phillies games at home and on the road. After emailing several friends for suggestions, and receiving more than 100 different ideas for a name, one kept coming back to the top. Everyone knew Todd was a huge baseball fan, so when Home Run Office Productsshowed up on the list, it more often than not received the top vote.

Today, Home Run Office Productsfocuses on gaining one customer at time and walks them around the bases giving them MVP service as they turn the corners from first, to second, to third and finally we all hit a Home Run. Let us show you how we can bring the Triple Crown to you!

Save Money. Build locally. Give referrals. BATTER UP!

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